consumer REVIEWS:

"A brave telling of the true stories we have feared.  Share this book with everyone!  A Must Read!"

-- A. Tiffany, avid reader 

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Books from Dawn til Dusk [UK]

"A powerful book! ... " read more


NACDL's The Champion magazine


“Through a series of case studies, written more in the style of short stories than the sleep-inducing, dry academic speak of typical post-case-analysis reports, Higuera takes the reader into the grit and grime of murder and mayhem.  Go buy this book!”  

-- Hal Humphreys /  Executive Editor of Pursuit Magazine


“April takes you on a backdoor ride of the unsung hero as the investigator who deserves the credit for solving crimes and releasing criminally charged innocent men. This book serves all folks involved in the criminal justice system.”  

-- Mary Lou Wilson, Esq / post-conviction attorney


“Every serious criminal justice major should read this book in order to fully understand their ethical responsibility to their oath of office, the devastating impact faulty investigative assumptions can produce within the legal system, and how justice is truly administered and served by tenacity and determination.”  

-- Jorey Krawczyn / U.S. State Department, Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement


"Evocative personal and professional memoirs of a criminal defense investigator.  Excellent writing and points on the justice system.  A VERY GOOD READ!"

-- former prosecutor (who prefers to remain anonymous)